Samstag, 2. Mai 2015

Erste Reaktionen zu meinem Garcinia-Test in USA!

This review is from: Garcinia Cambogia Extract PLUS Green Coffee Bean Extract PLUS Potassium and Black Pepper, 120 Caps maximum appetite suppressant and weight loss, dietary supplement, HCA optimized cleanse (Health and Beauty)
Garcinia Cambogia – the tamarind
It includes an active enzyme, the hydroxycitric acid, which is responsible for the carbohydrate to get changed into fatty acids. That prevents incorporation of body fat when carbohydrate will be admitted with food. Carbohydrate gets converted into glukogenic.
Thereby sportive activities are increased, by coincident income of HCA and carbohydrate. A signal reaches the brain which gives a feeling of satiety. The blood lipid level will be improved.
Carbohydrates are not getting converted into fat! 
That’s very important for me. Without bread, noodles and potatoes I become a glutton. It’s not running properly, I love my carbohydrates.
Green Coffee is an extract out of green coffee beans.
Glukogenic acid has antioxidant features, who damage the body tissue and are responsible for weight loss attributes. It also has positive effects on diabetes, the blood lipid level, liver function reading and it can be blood pressure reducing.
Potassium is in all physical actions in every cell involved:
- Heart - Cell growth - Vascular function - Blood lipid level - Acid-base-balance - Hormones - Carbohydrates and protein biosynthesis
Black Pepper inhibits condiment piperin which stops the building of new fat cells in the body.
The Test:
At the beginning I had softly adaptive difficulties but then I felt good, I had less appetite, more energy and I had a good spirit. I got down from 154lbs to 149lbs without any impacts in just 1,5 weeks! No sacrifice on my dainties. I just walked a bit more thanks to the nice weather. My blood values are age appropriate meeting the standard, I can`t give my judgement in this theme. For me it’s a weight loss supplement even without diet.
Thanks to GloryFeel for the test object!

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